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Join cooperation

One to join the advantages
R & D support
  To technological innovation as the leading South billion technology, annual sales of 10% of new products and new technology research and development. The use of first-class R & D design capabilities continue to introduce new products, rich dealer product line, so that dealers have more sustained profit margins.
【Production Support】
  NanYiKe established a strict production quality control system, the implementation of advanced 6S management, never expected delivery to achieve end to end quality control, and to ensure delivery speed, to ensure timely and fast delivery of goods to the hands of customers, Operating costs, improve market competitiveness.
【Marketing Support】
  Nan billion technology has a wealth of marketing management team, efficient work for the successful operation of dealers to lay a good foundation. From time to time in a planned manner in the country to carry out a unified promotional activities to enhance market share. The company also built a sound network marketing platform, through a variety of channels to improve industry awareness and influence, to create super-class brand image.
【service support】
The company currently established throughout the country more than 40 sales service outlets, each service network with a professional technical services team, and the first to set up training centers, to provide customers with more perfect and efficient pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, the first In the industry put forward the "five-year warranty" service commitment, so that customers really rest assured!
Two conditions of joining
1. Familiar with the security industry, have a certain industry experience
3. Identify NanYi technology management and management philosophy
4. Conscientiously abide by the principle of good faith, in good faith to guide the principles of their own business activities
5. Initiative market ideas; take the initiative to contact the market, take the initiative to love and open up the market
6. can take into account the interests of customers, to achieve a win-win situation for the purpose
Three joined the process
1 Contact the company directly
Call the company 400 phone or regional manager phone, to discuss cooperation matters;
2 fill in the application form
Please fill out the application form within three days of fax or scan to the company, and provide a copy of the relevant proof of material seal;
3 audit information
The company will be based on your situation to determine whether the conditions apply, the company will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions during this period, you may consult with the relevant person in charge at any time;
4 after review
After passing the audit, the person in charge of your area will give you a comprehensive introduction to the company, product, channel policy, after-sales service policy, etc., and with you on the terms of the cooperation contract to discuss and reach an agreement;
5 officially signed the contract
The company signed a formal contract with you, according to the provisions of the contract for follow - up cooperation matters;
6 Conducting training guidance
Company organization of technology, sales staff of your company personnel training, guidance, to assist your subordinate sub-channel investment operation.
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