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After-sales service

After decades of R & D and production, Nan billion technology has accumulated a wealth of professional and technical and production experience. At present, the company set up more than 30 directly under the office, with excellent product quality and quality after-sales service access to many customers favor friends, and establish a good corporate image.
A pre - sale service
Set up a dedicated customer service staff responsible for the relevant customer advice;
We will provide you with the relevant technical information, and do a detailed introduction;
For the specific circumstances of your project, we provide the necessary consulting services to provide intelligent community concept of the relevant consultancy services;
With years of accumulated experience and experience, we will provide valuable constructive advice for your system configuration, feasibility, and economic benefit analysis;
On the basis of understanding the project, we have a professional intelligent system design engineers will be in accordance with your needs and circumstances design.
B in the sale of services
We will be based on the project situation, the establishment of a dedicated service team, responsible for the follow-up of the entire project for customers to create high-quality intelligent project to create the conditions;
C after-sales service
Regular product tracking, inspection and maintenance of the system;
After the normal operation of the system, we provide three years of free maintenance, life-long maintenance;
Our engineers and after-sales service staff will often keep in touch with customers, understand the operation of the system, answer questions and record.
To ensure timely provision of various types of consumption, maintenance materials;
System if there are problems, engineers will be the first time to answer;
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